About us

Lauren and Jacquie

We are Jac and Loz, the co-founders and proud parents of Little Designer Club (LDC).

Our hope is that LDC is a way to celebrate kid's individuality. Kid's can express who they are and what they like by being the creator with
LDC. As a result we hope they feel capable and proud of who they are.

We also hope it can bring parents and kids together. Little Designers
and parents can design unique products on our website and then experience the joy of receiving their bespoke creations in the post and
wearing them with pride. End result is a warm fuzzy feeling for everyone involed!


Between us we have 5 kids aged from 9 years to 3 – all girls! LDC is pretty much our sixthbaby… It took approximately 9 months from idea to launch and has already become a wonderful part of our lives. Without the amazing support and encouragement of our husbands and kids, LDC would still be just a cool idea mulling in our brains.


Jac and Loz met at uni and since then they have been besties.

LDC has been designed to help nourish and celebrate friendships. Little Designers can create the perfect gift for their friends and family members. Imagine how special it would feel to receive a gift that has been personally designed for you?


Life has got to be fun right? Especially for kids. We have had so much fun bringing LDC to the world and we can’t wait to see where it goes! We aim to bring a sense of fun to all those who interact with LDC – whether it be through playing on our website and designing a beautiful product, purchasing and receiving a custom designed LDC product in the post or gifting a LDC product or voucher.

Please feel free to email us anytime about anything LDC related at: lauren@littledesignerclub.com and jacquie@littledesignerclub.com