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It's your turn to be the designer

Click on circles below. Scroll on mobile for more options. Baby pink faux leather with zipper pocket inside.

Baby Pink




Great choice little designer!

Click on circles below. Scroll on mobile for more options. Confetti chunky glitter bag flap.

Confetti glitter

Pink glitter

Pink Fluffy

Baby Pink


Dark Silver Glitter


Low Stock


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Wow! Your bag is fantastic.

Black extendable strap.



Baby Pink



What's your favourite bag accessory?

Pink and cream glitter cat and tassell.



Black Bunny

Cream Bunny



Gold Dog

Sold Out


Kids Handbag


Do you love your creation? We do. It's unique & special like you. You can proudly use your bespoke bag & it will remind you how fantastic & capable you are. Pop your name in below, 'Add to Bag' and have you tried out our necklace designer tool yet? Go on!

Little creator bundle - design a handbag & necklace for $60 (& get free express shipping).

How it works

We believe kids are so creative and fun and that they should get the chance to design their own products. It's a chance to encourage and inspire kids to be creators and shower them in praise for their efforts.

The first step is the creativity and fun of little designers using our award winning design studio to design their bespoke products online.

Once they have made something they LOVE they purchase their one off creation.

We make up each amazing design, in Melbourne, add a note and send it directly to the little designer's door step.

After making 1,000s of kid's designs since 2017 we still can't believe the excitement and pride kid's feel - when they open their parcel and see their design come to life as a real life high quality product that they can use for years to come!

Huge smiles and proud moments are guaranteed.

Not just another bag

The bags are made up in a flash!

Our bags have a modular design using press studs and hooks so are made up on the spot (which means kids don't have to wait long - phew!) We send all orders out within 48 hours of ordering.

The bags are the perfect size.

LDC bags are the perfect size for essentials little kids need to carry around, like favorite toys, loose change, trinkets, notebooks, strawberry chapsticks and snacks. They have a zipper pocket for extra special treasures and a magnet closure to keep everything safe.

The bags are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

We think there's nothing worse than kids accessories that last a week - our bags come with a lifetime guarantee. If anything breaks we will replace it for free.

What are you waiting for?

Scroll back up and get designing or scroll down and grab a gift voucher for a special little designer.

Gift this fun experience

Since 2017 we have made thousands of unique designs. Feedback from parents is that their kids LOVE their creations and use them for years!

Grab a gift card below. This allows a little designer to design exactly what they want and have a fun creative experience in the process.

Another option is to design something for them. It comes with a personalised gift note. A great option to involve kids in designing gifts for their besties or for mum to design for their mini - scroll up and get designing now.