Necklace Design Studio


  • Hexagon-medium
  • Round-small
  • Round-large

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It's time for you to be the designer!

Click on circles to choose your string colour. Scroll on mobile for more. 3mm nylon string with super strong plastic safety clasp.


Baby Pink

Baby Blue

Mint Green



Navy Blue



Design your perfect bead pattern

Choose your silicone beads from the shapes below. Click on the shape and drag up to 8 beads onto your string or add using the buttons below. Once on the string, drag them into the pattern you like.

  • Hexagon-medium
  • Round-small
  • Round-large

Now add colour to your design

Click on each bead then choose the colour using the circles below. Scroll on mobile for more.

Butter Yellow

Baby Pink


Jade Green





Light Grey


Smokey Black

White Granite



We love this design! It is almost as special and unique as you are. Pop in your name below, 'Add to bag' and we will get to work making your unique design to send to your doorstep asap.


How it works
Our little designers build their necklace in a 3 stage design process to create their bespoke necklace online.

They will choose the string colour, the bead pattern and the bead colours. They can move back and forward between the steps to perfect their design as they please. Once they have made something they LOVE they can purchase their one off creation.

After purchase our LDC pixies make up each amazing design, add a note and send to the little designers door step. Our necklaces are made up in a few minutes (which means kids don't have to wait long - phew!) Huge smiles and proud moments are guaranteed when the postman arrives. Plus the excitement of waiting for it to arrive is part of the fun too!

LDC necklaces are made from kids safe silicone beads (BPA free) and strong thick nylon string with a snap lock fastener. They are running, trampoline and rough play safe! If they are pulled too hard – the snap lock fastener will open before the string breaks. They also come with a lifetime guarantee. If your little designer somehow manages to break it – we will replace it for free.

What are you waiting for? Scroll back up and get designing or scroll down and grab a gift voucher for a special little designer.


Grab a gift card below. This allows a little designer to design exactly what they want and have a fun creative experience in the process.

Another option is to design something for them. We then deliver it to their door with a personalised gift note. A great option to involve kids in designing gifts for their besties - scroll up and get designing now.