Little Designer Club | Online School Holiday Workshop - 9:30am Monday…

Online School Holiday Workshop - 9:30am Monday September 28th, 2020 (Melbourne time)


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Looking for a fun creative online school holiday activity for your primary school aged girl? We've got you covered!

As if entertaining kids in the school holidays isn’t hard enough - now with COVID-19 restrictions it will be tougher than ever! As mum’s ourselves, we get it! And we would love to help you get at morning of peace and quiet and tick the box for doing something special this school holidays.

We normally team up with Myer on the school holidays with our Pop Up Design Studios experience in-stores. However due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions this is not possible.

Instead, we have designed a fun creative 45 minute online workshop experience that will encourage creative thinking and self expression through online interaction and activities - especially for your primary school aged girl.

After the workshop your little creator will get to design a unique bag and necklace on our online design studio which will be sent to their doorstep in the days following the workshop.

For your mini
- it will be a fun experience that will encourage creative thinking. We also have no doubt that when their bespoke creations arrives on their doorstep they will be grinning from ear to ear.

For you
- it will be at least an hour of quiet time while we will entertain your kiddy plus it ticks the box of doing something special for the school holidays. You’ll also be part of our movement to encourage and inspire young girls to recognise and embrace their own unique-ness and be a creator.

Here's some feedback from parents:

"Thankyou for sharing your positivity and creativity in such a fun session. Claire had an absolute ball and she can't wait to jump in and create her designs soon".

"Isla had a blast".

Here are the details for the online school holiday workshop:

Where and When:

Online at 9:30am on Monday 28th September, 2020.

Who is it for:

Girls aged 5 to 11 years old.

What does it involve?

A 45 minute interactive online workshop (via zoom) hosted by a Little Designer Club party leader. After the workshop kids will then design and order their bespoke handbag and necklace via our website.

We hope this entertains you child for at least an hour.

What does it cost:

Our online workshop package includes:

  • Participation in a 45 minute interactive online workshop
  • A downloadable and printable workshop booklet – that has activities that they can do after the workshop also (valued at $19.95)
  • Design your own kids handbag delivered to your home after the workshop (normally $39.95)
  • Design your own kids necklace delivered to your home after the workshop (normally $19.95)
  • Postage to your home in Australia (normally $5)
  • All products come with lifetime guarantee

$60 for 1 child or $100 for 2 children. Just use code: holiday at the checkout to apply the discount.

What do I / my child need to be involved?

  • A computer or ipad
  • An internet connection
  • Some plain paper and something to draw with – textas/pencils/crayons
  • Parents do not need to be involved in the workshop however children may need help when it comes time to process their design order online after the workshop (typing in postal address etc).

How to book a spot:

Right here! Bookings are limited to 12 children. Simply scroll back up to purchase a spot here to lock in your child's seat.


If for some reason you cannot attend the online workshop or need to cancel your child's spot, the cost of the workshop will be credited to you in a gift voucher for our website

More information:

For more information please email us at